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Netbackup terminates on Exchange 2007

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  • Netbackup terminates on Exchange 2007

    I was hoping someone could give assist me.
    I'm having trouble with scheduled backups running on my Exchange server. It seems there is some exchange config update process completing about 4:50am each day and it causes the Netbackup job manager (nbjm.exe) and several other Netbackup processes to crash at this time. There are no errors relating to Netbackup or Exchange errors relating to failed backups.
    The information logs which I get before each netbackup termination are the MSExchange Unified Messaging Events. But again there are no errors.
    I'm not quiet sure if MSExchange Unified Messaging and Netbackup are linked at all to this problem. I'm having no otehr problems on other clients which we have loaded Exchange on.

    I'm running Windows Server 2003 Standard with Exchange 2007 Sp1.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Re: Netbackup terminates on Exchange 2007

    Have you tried scheduling a backup outside of those hours to double check it will successsfully complete? Also, on the backup, are you just backing up the 'Information Store' or are you backing up files and other folders related to Exchange at the same time? Whatever the answer, have you tried separating out to identify the potential issue?


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      Re: Netbackup terminates on Exchange 2007

      The backups fail after I get UM information events as per below:
      The Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging service has created a new UM worker process because the number of health monitoring "heartbeats" missed ("2") exceeded the configured maximum, 2.

      The UM worker process has terminated. The state of the UM worker process is "Ready".

      The telephone interface definitions were successfully loaded from the configuration file: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin\Root.fsm"

      The Unified Messaging Worker Process was started successfully on port "5067".

      Oddly enough, this did not happen on Monday morning, neither the MSExchange Unified Messaging messages or the Netbackup Job Manager messages are seen, which I think links the two even closer.
      I will get someone to run a bacup at a different time to see if it's successfull or not.

      Have you come across this before?


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        Re: Netbackup terminates on Exchange 2007

        All Fixed. Re-sschedueld backup times to not conflict with exchange processes.