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My Exchange 2007 is sending mail to junk folder

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  • My Exchange 2007 is sending mail to junk folder

    Hi guys i 've installed exchange 2007 to one of our client , they have a domain name hosted by another company , but when i send emails to yahoo , the mail is delivered to junk folder

    I Know why : because the Ip adress of my exch server is not public , my question is how do i resolve this

    NB : my client is not ready yet to acquire a public IP adress?

    can i use the smtp of the provider as a smart host?

    any configuration in the dns ?

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    Re: My Exchange 2007 is sending mail to junk folder

    The fact that your Exchange server's IP address is not a public address is not the problem. I would guess that over 80% of all email systems have a private IP address.
    Your messages are being flagged as spam for some other reason.

    Ensure that you have a valid reverse DNS/PTR record for your static IP address, that the FQDN on the Send Connector is configured correctly, ideally matching the PTR record.

    If you want to send email via your ISPs SMTP Server then set the smart host on the Send Connector.

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