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  • Can't receive attachments

    We just recently migrated from sbs 2003 to sbs 2008 and are now having trouble receiving attachments (of course we have some kinks to work out!). We're only having this issue with 1 domain name though. Anyone in that domain that sends emails with an attachment receives a bounceback saying the message was not able to send because the attachment was too big, even if the attachment is as small as 1 MB.

    I have verified that we are able to receive attachments up to 10 MBs. The company that's having the issue sending also is allowed to send attachments up to 10 MBs. I have also sent a test email from another address to verify we can receive attachments. There's also nothing being blocked in the firewall.

    Any suggestions would be helpful because I'm completely out of ideas!

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    Re: Can't receive attachments

    If it is one domain with the problem then I would have to say it is the remote domain at fault.
    They will need to prove that it is your server rejecting the message, usually by the logs. Until they can do that there is nothing that you can do.

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      Re: Can't receive attachments

      Also check event logs and see FW logs.

      Try resetting the attachment and mail send/recieve policy for exchange server for one single user and see if that helps.