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Backup of OST & Restore

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  • Backup of OST & Restore

    We have setup outlook2007 in cache mode for a centralized environment. The wan link has more latency ( above 250ms). At branch office we have 30 to 40 users. OST file size is on average 800MB to 1GB.

    In case of crash of Laptop/desktop, after installing new image, new profile user is created. Earlier we have taken the backup of OST file.

    We would like to restore the OST file from the backup whenever new profiel created instead of doing sync up with server & putting more workload on the WAN link.

    Can you suggest the option?

    Thanks for helpl

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    Re: Backup of OST & Restore

    You perhaps could setup the connection to Exchange but not set the caching option until out of hours.

    I am sure someboy else will mention if it is possible to carry out the restore of OST to save you caching but it probably isn't possible. If it is, I would have thought it would be the case of restoring it to the same folder location and ensuring the permissions match other folders.


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      Re: Backup of OST & Restore

      The OST belongs to the Outlook profile as a security measure. Once the profile has been deleted or recreated the OST file is useless.

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        Re: Backup of OST & Restore

        The only way to restore an OST is by converting it to a PST with a 3rd party tool like Nucleus. That itself can be a lengthy process depending on the size of the OST.


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          Re: Backup of OST & Restore

          Sound like possible with seeding the OST files across profile...

          How to deploy the .oab files and the .ost files for use with Outlook 2003 in Cached Exchange Mode

          TechNet Support WebCast: Deploying offline files in cached mode in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003



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            Re: Backup of OST & Restore


            Finally got the answer after doing additional tests.

            IF backup of OST file is taken for point in time then restore is possible. In case backup of OST file is taken & OST file got updated with exchange, then by restoring the backed up OST file will fail.