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New users not appearing in GAL

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  • New users not appearing in GAL

    I have actually called MS about this but the solution that they gave me is a little confusing to say the least.
    I have a client with around 1600 mailboxes.
    When in OWA I can see 270 mailboxes in the GAL.
    Now MS has said that the issue is that if the user object in AD has MSExchHideFromAddressLists = FALSE it will not show up in the GAL and that I need to set all user objects to have the attribute set to "not set".
    Here is the part that I am a little perplexed about.
    If these users are showing up in other address lists like All Users what is it about setting this attribute to not set tat makes them visable in the GAL.
    I would have thought that this specific attribute would mean that the user will not be hidden from any address book.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: New users not appearing in GAL

    This is one that has had me stumped for a while.
    The issue is as follows
    After adding users in bulk to AD from a script or any other way than through ADUC and then mail-enabling them in EMC they do not appear in the GAL or All Users.
    The problem is that the msExchHideFromAddressLists is set to FALSE. If this attribute is set to <not set> the user will appear in the GAL.
    This is however not the issue.
    The problem lies with the Default Address policy.

    The solution is as follows
    Create a new address policy in the EMC and make sure that is has the following settings

    Applies to all recipients
    The Addresses are

    In ADSI Edit navigate to
    CN=Recipient Policies,CN=Org,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC =Local
    Right click on the name of the policy that you just created
    Change the attribute
    msExchPolicyOrder to 2147483647

    Restart all Exchange services

    Open the EMS and type the following

    Get-user –resultsize unlimited | set-mailbox –applymanadoryproperties

    Open OWA and verify that all users are now in the GAL

    I had this as an open case with MS and their solution was to pay them to write a script to modify the msExchHideFromAddressLists