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Using Push Mail for Blackberry Phones

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  • Using Push Mail for Blackberry Phones

    I have been google searching and researching for 30 mins but can't seem to find what I am looking for.

    One of the sites I look after have 10 Blackberry phone users. A Blackberry server is not installed. The phone provider is O2. I have mail contacts setup for the Blackberry Phone users Blackberry O2 email. These contacts are used on the user's Exchange mailboxes, so a copy of each incoming email is forwarded to their O2 email, which is then downloaded to their Blackberry phone.

    All Calendar, Contacts and Tasks are synchronised using software installed on the user's desktop. This connects to the local Outlook MAPI profile for synchronisation.

    The problem I have is that we allow attachments larger than 6MB to be delivered to a user's mailbox. O2 have a 6MB attachment limit and will not increase this, so Blackberry phone users sometimes do not receive crucial emails. The Chief Executive is most effected. Always the way.

    Is it possible to use Push Mail in Exchange 2007 to allow the Blackberry Phone users to receive emails even when they are out of the office?

    Is there any better way to achieve this, other than installing a Blackberry server?

    Is there any good technical guides for setting this up?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Using Push Mail for Blackberry Phones

    You need a BES - or most likely professional edition.
    If all of them are on 02 then phone up O2 and ask for the licenses for free. If they don't give them to you ask for the PAC codes and call Vodafone, they will.

    You cannot use Exchange ActiveSync with Blackberry. RIM haven't licensed it.
    I am actually of the opinion that anyone with a Blackberry and no BES basically has a toy for showing off on the train. You have about 30% of the functionality at best.

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      Re: Using Push Mail for Blackberry Phones

      Thanks Simon. This clears things up for me. I'll see what O2 will do.