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migrating offsite pop accounts to exchange 2007

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  • migrating offsite pop accounts to exchange 2007

    Hey Guys,
    I inherited a network where exchange (2000 at the time, updated to 07 last year when the box running 2000 died) is used strictly for inhouse mail. All mail going outside the office is sent via the ISP's SMTP server, and recv'd through outlook using offsite pop accounts.

    AD controllers are set as domain.local
    pop is

    what I want to do is consolidate into one system, BUT, I don't want to loose the [email protected] addresses. Can I have exchange host both these domains and map the [email protected] address to the correct [email protected] mailbox?

    also at this time there is no edge role running. I understand that edge should be on a seperate box, does this box have to be 64bit os as well?

    changing the DNS from the hosted pop to one of my public ips is no problem.

    so.. my biggest question is... where the heck do I start?

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    Re: migrating offsite pop accounts to exchange 2007

    Exchange can handle loads of domain names so no problem with that. It can't "map" email addresses from one to another but what you would probably do is setup the correct email addresses on each user so when you view their email tabs you see
    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"
    "joe&[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"


    Each mailbox can have loads of email addresses as long as they are unique in the org.

    Edge isn't required but would have to be on x64 like all production Exchange 2007 boxes.

    I would also look at using rpc/https over POP3 as it should give you a much better user experience and restoration opportunities.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: migrating offsite pop accounts to exchange 2007

      ok.. so joe then points his outlook to the exchange box using his exchange creditentials and gets the mail delivered for each of his addresses in one inbox? or does each address have to set up in outlook?

      the next step after I can get these 2 seperated email systems integrated is to add BlackBerry Enterprise to the mix.


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        Re: migrating offsite pop accounts to exchange 2007

        It will be the one mailbox and one Outlook connection. Their Outlook will receive the emails for all addresses in the 1 inbox.

        I have a client with Blackberry's. I setup emails with the phone provider in their Blackberry area and then set up contacts in Exchange for the email adress. I then setup a rule for emails arriving in Exchange to forward to the contact and also, keep a copy in the Exchange mailbox. It is a cheap option as is a free solution.