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Outlook switching to https

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  • Outlook switching to https

    Presently we are doing Outlook2007 Performance Testing over WAN. In backend it is having Exchange2007 in CCR, Client Access, Hub Transport & 2 Global Catalog servers. We have enabled outlook anywhere on the CAS & configured on outlook client.

    We would like to see outlook anywhere performance in test lab scenario & using network devices to simualte bandwidth/latency.

    I have Gone through the documentation of outlook anywhere.

    Question1:- When does outlook uses rpc over https ( after how much time in milisecond/second) , how much latency play role here?

    Question2:- How do i force outlook to use outlook anywhere instead of rpc (tcp/ip)

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    Re: Outlook switching to https

    I believe Outlook Anywhere is primarily down to the connection speed. I am not sure of the time out to get it to switch to that.

    To force the client to use Outlook Anywhere you need to enable both slow and fast connections in the RPC over HTTPS configuration. It cannot be set using autodiscover.

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      Re: Outlook switching to https


      I agree with you it depends on connection speed. At my earlier project, Exchange2007 was installed at central site and branch locations were connected through Wide area network. Bandwidth was sized proerply.however in between outlook2007 used to switch to rpc over https instead of taking rpc. Finally we found there was a configuration change. Using outlook in rpc over https mode has its own drawback such as User can not edit DL etc. But issue is once outlook switches to https it will not revert back to rpc during that session.

      rpc over https takes around 10% more traffic in our envionrment. So i was curious when does it switches to rpc over https?

      Thanks for earlier reply.