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Modify default email policy in Exchange2007

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  • Modify default email policy in Exchange2007

    We have Internal - active directory domain while the SMTP is This SMTP domain is same published on internet & used presently by Domino email system. We have introduced Exchange2007 in the environment. With Exchange2007, default email policy created is [email protected] ( with AD domain name), however it requires [email protected],

    a) is it recommended to edit default email policy in Exchange2007 ( in exchange2003 . MS recommendations was no)

    b) what will impact if edit default email policy & remove all email address with AD domain name?


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    Re: Modify default email policy in Exchange2007

    You should not touch the default email address policy. Removing the default domain from the user accounts will have an impact on the operation of Exchange.

    You can add the main domain as an additional email policy and make it the default. If you need to co-exist with the other system then you will have to make the sharing smtp address space changes:

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