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Decommissioning Exchange server 2003

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  • Decommissioning Exchange server 2003

    Hi All,

    I need to de-commission the exchange in one for our sites. We have a location Delhi with one exchange server. To decommission I read the articles at we need to work around.

    I was able to do all workaround except changing the RUS.

    I am unable to change the routing master

    Since I have only member set as Primary I am unable to move to other server.

    Please tell me know

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    Re: Decommissioning Exchange server 2003

    After I carried out my transition and after all Public folders had fully replicated, I carried out the following. It will give you an idea of steps up to moving RUS. I didn't have a problem moving it, so hope this will help.

    After resolving the antivirus issue that was blocking Public folder replication.

    All mailboxes were moved to Exchange 2007 using the Exchange Management Console.

    The Firewall was configured so incoming mail went to the E2k7 server.

    OAB was moved to 2k7 Exchange using Exchange Management Console.

    After ensuring all Public Folder replicas has been moved, all replication was stopped and the Public Folder database deleted on 2k3 Exchange.

    A Public Folder container was then created in the 2k7 admin group using System Manager and the Public Folder Folder hierarchy (under folders) was dragged from the 2k3 amin group to the 2k7 one. (This is required in case the Public Store doesn't mount on 2k7 when 2k3 is removed from the Organisation.

    Having ensured the Recipient Policy did not have any Management features installed and that only the 'Email adresses' part was enabled, RUS services were moved to 2k7 Exchange using System Manager.

    The server was then powered off. This has been off for a week and there are no problems.

    In fact, the only problem I had was with Blakberry synchronisation with Outlook. I just re-reated the Blackberry config, as it maps to the MAPI Oulook profile and doesn't like it if a mailbox is moved to another server.

    This Saturday, after powering 2k3 back up, the connectors for 2k7-2k3 and 2k3 to 2k7 connectors created automatically during installation will be deleted. Exchange will be uninstalled leaving the System Manager present. The First Routing Group will then be removed using System Manager.


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      Re: Decommissioning Exchange server 2003


      i ran into a similar problem.
      in fact, microsoft even tells you to delete these RUS directly with ADSIedit.msc

      here is a URL to help you out

      the interesting part is here:

      You will not be able to delete the Recipient Update Service (Enterprise Configuration) by using Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 System Manager. Perform the following steps to delete the Recipient Update Service (Enterprise Configuration) by using ADSI Edit (AdsiEdit.msc):
      1. Open ADSI Edit, expand Configuration, expand CN=Configuration,CN=<domain>, expand CN=Services, expand CN=Microsoft Exchange, expand CN=<Exchange organization name>, expand CN=Address Lists Container, and then select CN=Recipient Update Services.
      2. In the result pane, right-click Recipient Update Service (Enterprise Configuration), click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.