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exchange 2007/outlook 2007 OA problem with OOA

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  • exchange 2007/outlook 2007 OA problem with OOA

    hi everyone,

    I'm running an exchange 2007 server behind a firewall with ports open and configured for OA (outlook anywhere) (rpc/https) for remote office to access their mail

    all the users in my head office (where the server is based) are logging into AD/exchange server and have no problems

    my remote users are just logging into their pcs locally (workgroup)
    they log in with a standard username/password (not the same as on AD in the head office)

    their outlook o2k7 clients run and access the exchange server using OA via our internet FQDN to our exchange server which also use a ssl cert
    this works great and they have full access to their mailboxes, GAL etc.

    the problem i'm having is this:

    when my remote users go to access their out of office assistant (OOA), they get the following error

    'Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailble. Try again later.'

    any help would be greatfully accepted and your hand chewed off !!
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    Re: exchange 2007/outlook 2007 OA problem with OOA

    Availability service or autodiscover isn't working correctly.
    However there are lots of reasons for this problem, which have been collected together here:

    Simon Butler
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      Re: exchange 2007/outlook 2007 OA problem with OOA

      Hi Sembee,

      thanks for the link
      i'm testing it now and will let you know how it went

      if's defo a problem with accesing autodiscovery but i use a differnt fqdn url to access my owa from the domains that it controls email for

      i might have to create some SRV records on my webserver to get around it

      thanks for the pointer