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    The E2k7 environment exists at the root forest level, with the already migrated division in one child domain, and our yet-t-be-migrated main division in another child domain. Each domain has its own DCs, and neither one can talk to the other, they can only talk to the root. What I want to do is test Exchange Load Generator against just the non-production domain, but cannot find a way to do so. I attempted to force loadgen to create the objects on the test DC, but it created all the new objects in the production DC for some reason. This is question 1 I guess, how do I force it to create the test accounts in the domain that I specify.

    The other question I have is that I got through to every screen, right up until the end. At the Configuration Summary, the initialization and rest of the options are grayed out. All I can do is either go Back to previous screen or save the config file. I don't see any warnings or errors in the app or event viewer. I've verified that the account I'm using is an Exchange Org Admin. Any suggestions?