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revisiting multiple domains one server

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  • revisiting multiple domains one server

    I have searched and read a lot around the Exchange 2003 and SBS2003 posts here and elsewhere and have not found a useable solution to sending by a user as [email protected] (even when default is [email protected] without having to rely on users to do acrobatics. This is paricularly annoying when replying to a message addressed to [email protected] when it comes up with the sender being [email protected] ! they need to effortlessly switch between senders identities.

    Has this little number been fixed in exchange2007?? if so please point me to the apropriate reference and we might have to consider migrating the users to that platform!

    Many thanks..


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    Re: revisiting multiple domains one server

    The way I've handled this in the past is to setup multiple accounts in Outlook. The primary account is the Exchange account and others are outbound smtp servers for sending only. When you create a new message in Outlook, you can select the account for it to send under. If everything saves to your Exchange folders these sent items destined for the other smtp servers will sync to the sent items in Exchange. Not the best solution but it's an easy way to accomplish something that one of our clients required and is basically what you've described.

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      Re: revisiting multiple domains one server

      To answer your specific question, no this has not been "fixed".
      According to Microsoft is not something that is requested that often, and I have to say it isn't asked that often on forums either.
      It also will not be fixed in the next version of Exchange, as that is based on Exchange 2007.

      As far as Exchange is concerned, all users have one email for replying, their default, and all other addresses are simply aliases that are used for inbound email only.
      This is actually the same behaviour as email on *nix platforms as well. The difference with *nix is that they use SMTP for sending the email, which as well all know, you can put anything you like in as the From address and the server will allow it.

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