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Offline Address book query

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  • Offline Address book query


    I'm using Outlook 2007 in cached mode but have a query.

    As i understand it, when Outlook is in cached mode, it checks the local copy of the offline address book when resolving names instead of querying the GAL in AD.

    After testing the email auto config, the OAB URL was incorrect and was pointing at This meant that if i worked offline in Outlook, the address book was empty.

    If OL uses the OAB when resolving names when online, why doesn't it use it when offline to populate the address books?

    I've updated the URL for the OAB and the address book is populating fine when working offline.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Offline Address book query

    When Outlook is online (ie not in cached mode) it will query the domain live, not the OAB. The OAB is only used when Outlook is in cached mode.

    The OAB is actually a file on the server, it isn't populated by being online, it is downloaded from the Exchange server.

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