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    My company wants to make emails to our Board of Directors secure. One way to do this would be to use a secure email service, but we want to keep the email in house. Therefore what we want to do is give internal email addresses to all the members of the board and have them check our mail system (securely) for any communications. Obviously the problem with that is that they will not frequently check our email system if at all. Further, we don't want them to use any method other than webmail to ensure that confidential information does not leave our network. Therefore what we want to do is send them confidentail emails to their internal email address and then have Exchange 2007 automatically notify them that there is a message waiting. We see that we could use a transport rule to forward the email, but we don't want them to actually get a copy of the email, just a canned message that says - "You've got mail waiting at your internal company account, click here to log in to webmail."

    Thanks in advance for any help