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Recommended Spam blocker?

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  • Recommended Spam blocker?

    My company currently uses Ninja Spam Blocker by Sunbelt software and I don't think it'll cut it anymore. Even with filters set up, a lot of stuff still gets through.

    Are there any really good spam filters out there? Preferably free... =)

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    Re: Recommended Spam blocker?

    Ironport. But you pay for what you get - Ironport is very VERY good but it's expensive.

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      Re: Recommended Spam blocker?

      Nothing decent for free. If you want something to deal with spam you will have to pay.

      Unless you have linux skills that is.

      The problem is that every site is different. You have found that product doesn't work for you, but others might find it does a really good job. You could look at GFI ME, you might find it works, you might find it doesn't. Others would find that the built in MS Antispam filters would do the job quite happily.
      Then there are appliances. I personally don't rate the Ironport, but others do. Mail Foundry is another appliance supplier.

      Then you get the hosted services such as Message Labs (Symantec) Postini (Google) etc.

      You will have to evaluate different products to see what works for your email profile.

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