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  • OWA SSL Certificates

    Hi all,

    I look after our Exchange 2007 server (initial install last year 10 Jan.).

    Our mail comes into our ISP, then routes it to our mail server. If we have an outage they collect our email until we're back up and running.

    Our ISP looks after our DNS and our router (small company using NAT)

    Our router is setup to forward all port 443 to our exchange box. resolves to the public ip address of our router. So directing remote users to brings up OWA (no surprise there then).

    I now need a cert just for OWA..

    Do I just need a single SSL cert and ignore the Unified certificate?

    I've filled in the form using, (is this really needed) and the internal name of the exchange server. and it genatered the code to paste into Exchange console.

    Really looking for someone to say yep you in the right track and at'll all work withour blocking remote access to my users email accounts.



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    Re: OWA SSL Certificates

    You still should have the SAN/UC certificate, so that the certificate has the relevant names.

    autodiscover is a core part of Exchange 2007. If you have any (or start to use) Outlook 2007 then they need autodiscover to work correctly.

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