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Aliaseing Internal Domain Name

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  • Aliaseing Internal Domain Name

    I have and Exchange 2007 server running on a single piece of hardware (no Edge Server) I am tying to alias my domain name on outbound emails but it seems that 2007 won't allow this like 2003 did. Is there any workaround? Will I have to build and SMTP server and relay all email through this server? Any help would be great we are really having problems sending some mail address's because of this issue.

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    Re: Aliaseing Internal Domain Name

    Any reason why you don't have your domain name on the email address policy as normal?

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      Re: Aliaseing Internal Domain Name

      I have a similar problem...

      In my case I have an Exchange Server 2007 single server in a private domain (xpto.local). In Exchange 2003 I was masquerading the domain name to my public domain ( but now I can't find out how to do this. I'm forwarding my email using a smart host from my ISP but when I try to do this in exchange 2007 the email header goes with my private FQDN and is blocked by my ISP.

      If i could masquerade the domain I believe it would solve my problems...

      Any help would be very appreciated!