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Mail sitting on Edge Server not delievering

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  • Mail sitting on Edge Server not delievering

    Hello, I'm really hoping that maybe someone can help me. This is my environment. My environment is 1 edge DMZ, 1 server which includes CAS, Hub and mailbox. I have mail coming into the edge server and it just sits there. It won't deliver mail to the mailboxes. The mx record points to the edge. Mail does going out but nothing comes in. Is there something I need to set up on the Hub "receive connector" the client and default are setup to accept accept mail on port 25. And I placed another entry in just for the edge server IP and port 25. Do you know what I'm doing wrong. I've been working on this issue for 2 days and I'm stuck.

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    Re: Mail sitting on Edge Server not delivering

    It should just work, as ADAM does its thing to authenticate the session.
    Instinct says something is blocking the traffic. Can you telnet from the Edge server to the Hub Transport server?

    telnet host 25

    Ensure that you can telnet on all three combinations - IP address, NETBIOS name and FQDN to confirm connectivity.

    Also check your firewall isn't scanning SMTP traffic between the DMZ and the production network.

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