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Exchange 2007 + Entourage 2008 + Linked Mailboxes

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  • Exchange 2007 + Entourage 2008 + Linked Mailboxes

    Hello everyone,
    We're having quite a bit of issue getting our entourage 2008 clients with linked mailboxes to work with our Exchange 2007 server.
    A little background info about our setup.
    This is a stand alone server in a completely new network, so we did not upgrade from 2003. We have a SSL cert for our CAS server, and all of our clients' accounts are setup via linked mailboxes. We have trusts to each one of their domain controllers.
    We are able to get entourage 2008 to work with a standard domain account that is not in a linked mailbox. The linked mailbox accounts work in OWA but not entourage 2008, these same linked mailboxes also work with Outlook 2007 over http/rpc. So to say the least we're quite stumped.
    Any help or insite on this would be greatly appreciated.