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Exchange 2007 into 2003 organization

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  • Exchange 2007 into 2003 organization

    Dear All,
    Please advise to the following request. We have windows 2003 sp2 active direcotry and exchange 2003 mail server Front end back end. our internal domain is And our original SMTP address is now we are going to deploy child domains in other coutries like and There we are going to use same SMTP address space which is For child domains we are planning to have 64bit windows 2008 and exchange 64-bit 2007 SP1. Do we need to run any receipt policy for and domains. We want to use only SMTP address space all over the geographic locations. Will it be ok if exchange 2003 for parent root domain and exchange 2003for child domains. Please advice any problems i will be facing??

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    Re: Exchange 2007 into 2003 organization

    I would be looking to upgrade the root domain to Exchange 2007 before any child domains, particularly in a co-existence scenario. When you deploy the first Exchange 2007 server it becomes the link between the Exchange 2003 servers and the Exchange 2007 servers. That could mean in your scenario a server elsewhere has that function.

    Therefore what I would do is deploy Exchange 2007 yourself then either use the Exchange 2003 server elsewhere or deploy Exchange 2007 everywhere else.

    As long as the servers are all in the same Forest and therefore the same Exchange org, using the same SMTP address space isn't an issue. Exchange will deal with delivery of the email to the correct server.

    However getting the network layout correct for a multi site deployment can be something that gets complex and is well beyond the scope of this site. You should engage a consultant to assist you with the design work and possibly the migration and deployment of the servers.

    Simon Butler
    Exchange MVP

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