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Public Folder in Exchange 2003

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  • Public Folder in Exchange 2003

    Hi All

    Exchange 2003 migrated to Exchange 2007
    Outlook 2003
    BES Server
    HUB/CAS on 1 server/ Exchange DB on another server (2 server setup)

    I was checking my old exchange 2003 server and noticed the public folder was mounted - so I unmounted. I lost connection to exchange 2007 server where the db is mounted.

    Do I need to get the users to outlook 2007?
    I was to discontinue using exchange 2003 server
    On the exhange 2007 server I see the public folder from old server
    On the old server > public folder store > logons ---- I see alot of users on

    Any idea why I lost mail connection when dismounted the public folder from the old server?


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    Re: Public Folder in Exchange 2003

    Have a quick read through these, especially page 3 on the first one. If you are still using legacy Outlook (i.e. pre-2007) then you have requirements on certain things.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Public Folder in Exchange 2003

      Unless the site is pure Outlook 2007, you must have public folders.
      Outlook 2003 and the MAC clients cannot operate with Exchange without public folders.

      If you haven't already you will need to replicate the public and system folders from the Exchange 2003 server to the Exchange 2007 server. You will already have a public folder store on the Exchange 2007 server unless you removed it - as it would have been put in place by the installer when it detected the Exchange 2003 server.

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