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OWA generates HTTP 403.4 error

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  • OWA generates HTTP 403.4 error

    I have 2 servers running both CAS/Hub roles sitting behind a Citrix
    Netscaler. I'm using the Netscaler for load balancing and for hosting
    the SSL cert (issue by major CA) for Exchange. I also have my CAS/Hub servers hosting the self-signed and CA issued certs.

    I am having a problem with OWA on one of my CAS/Hub servers. When i go to OWA in Firefox the page continuously tries and fails to load. If I try to manually go to a webpage (ex. I get HTTP 403.4 error even though I have the "https" in the URL. When I go to OWA in IE with "https" in the URL I get an error saying OWA did not initialize and:

    User host address: x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the private VIP of my CCR cluster)

    Now, I do have requests first hitting my SSL accelerator on port 443 then redirecting to the CAS/Hub server's private IP on port 80, not sure if that is relevant in this particular scenario.

    Thanks for your help.