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    The environment: Exchange 2007 SP1 and Win 2003 SP2

    I have a problem with one of the LAN users. In the last week he started receiving every day a lot of SPAM messages from while it seems the message sent from his internal address. The 'From' field looks like that:
    " ([email protected])"

    Ii configured the AntiSpam on Exchange to reject messages from domain and also in the content filter i added the word "viagra" but still the mails keep coming.

    what elese can i do?
    Maybe Spammer uses my server as mail relay? How can i stop it?

    Thanks in Advanced

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    Re: Spam

    If your antispam software is not blocking the messages then it would sound like that software isn't fit for purpose. The header change to show the message coming from yourself is a very old spammers trick.

    Make sure that you haven't whitelisted your own domain (which is why spammers do it). Otherwise you will need to speak to the support of the antispam solution to find out why the message isn't being blocked.

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      Re: Spam

      Hi Simon,

      I didn't meant to third party Anti spam software but to Anti Spam component on exchange itself.