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What servers go in the HQ site?

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  • What servers go in the HQ site?

    I'm looking to deploy Exchange 2007 in a new data center site, with site resiliancy through load-balancing and CCR, where all the client desktops are in a seperate HQ site and access their mailboxes via a WAN.

    While the placement of the primary edge, cas, hub and mailboxes roles in the data center are straight-forward, I can't figure out is if I need another cas or hub in the HQ.

    We have no OWA or ActiveSync, but I read that cas-cas proxying doesn't apply to POP3/SMTP clients, which have to connect to the cas in the same site as the mailbox.

    Since the clients are in a different AD site from the servers, but within the same AD domain, does that mean we only need a hub in the HQ?

    Can someone please explain?