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Sizing the HUB Transport Queue database

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  • Sizing the HUB Transport Queue database


    I am a storage architect working on what will become a quite large exchange messaging system.
    Maybe 250,000 users.

    We have decided on a building block approach based on 25,000 mailboxes serviced by 10 mailservers in 5 CCR stretch clusters over two separate geographic sites but in one AD site.

    Each site will have a Hub transport - so two in a building block.

    I am trying to size the queue database appropriately. I have estimated that in a steady state of peak arrivals it should grow to around 100, by using little's law and message flows collected by business analysts.

    this fits in reasonably well with the monitored warning threshholds in the microsoft documentation for MOM of > 150 warning > 250 critical.

    however the microsoft planning guide uses in its example a queue size of 500,000 - i have no idea how they derive this and cannot find any advice on how to determine an appropriate figure.

    I understand the need to account for times when failure or corruption might cause the queue to grow but am seeking any ideas on how to get a reasonable estimate for the quque size so i can size the database appropriately and minimise performance degradation or message loss.

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    Re: Sizing the HUB Transport Queue database

    Hi Mitcher,

    As you said "I am trying to size the queue database appropriately."

    I think it not possible to define a size limit on queue database.

    It entirely depends upon message follow on the hub transport server. However you may find some info here

    Planning for Hub Transport Servers
    Thanks & Regards

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