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  • SCR stop working

    hi everybody

    i've got a serious problem. this morning i checked my scr status and it said that the replication for the first storage group failed.

    i checked the event viewer and it gave me all sort of error message regarding the replication service and the rpc

    The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service attempted to start the RPC server but failed because an error occurred when attempting to read the Exchange Servers Universal Security Group SID from the Active Directory. Error message:
    Could not find any available Global Catalog in forest

    i've updated the scr diabled it did every command that operate it.
    i've restarted the replication service and after that the replication status said that the service is down but it's not.

    i also took notice that the informatin service is down but i don't remember if it should be up. but anyway i can't get it start

    i've restarted the server and nothing help

    can anybody save me ?

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    Re: SCR stop working

    Do you have any GCs available? Are they running and in the correct sites? Are the exchange servers in the correct sites with a GC as well? Run dcdiag/netdiag and see what results you get. Check firewalls between servers as well if they are running.

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      Re: SCR stop working

      The best would be to call microsoft and get it resolved. Here is the Toll free no.
      800-936-4900 (Professional) and ask to get connected to Exchange Admin Team. It's a paid support $259

      Thank you

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