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Resource calendar double booking issues

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  • Resource calendar double booking issues

    Hi there,

    I have a few conference rooms that, when in exchange 2003 (before my migration) usually worked correctly, as in if someone booked one, someone else could not book it at the same time. Now that they are in exchange 2007, people are double and triple booking rooms. They are all listed as user mailboxes, so I took one of them and am testing as a resource mailbox. I converted it to a room mailbox, and logged into OWA and unchecked the keep as tentative checkbox (the first one), which I assume sets it to autoaccept. Now when I create a meeting request, and add it as a room, I get an email back either saying accepted - if the room is open, and declined if there are conflicts.
    The only problem is that when it is declined, the invitees still get a copy of the meeting request, and then I would have to resend it with new info.

    With the old style mailboxes (user, not resource) if I invite the conf room mailbox in the TO: field, it goes thru and conflicts do happen, but if I send to the room as a resource, I get a pop up stating that you can not add this room due to a conflict.

    My question is, with the room as a resource, is there a way for the the meeting organizer to actually not be able to send the request if the resource is already booked? I understand that they should look at the scheduling assistant to see first, but my users arent the brightest bunch (As many of you can relate to I imagine)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Resource calendar double booking issues

    No one has any ideas on this??


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      Re: Resource calendar double booking issues

      Well, I called M$ and they said that this is the expected behavior of the resource mailboxes, and that they will set it to be looked at as an enhancement for a future update. So I guess thats it then, I just need to write a new doc for my users explaining this new process.


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        Re: Resource calendar double booking issues

        Sorry you didn't get any posts. If people don't know the answer then generally it is best not to answer rather than just post "i don't know". Kudos to you for speaking with MS and thanks for making the effort to post back the results too.

        Please read this before you post:

        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?