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Good books for introduction / setup?

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  • Good books for introduction / setup?

    Hi all, new to the forum.. I'm looking at setting an exchange 2007 box for us here however before I do I would like a bit of background / understanding and also setup assistance. Could you recommend a couple of good books for this (for a new user - not admin'd exchange before or setup)

    Looking for a couple of books to read over the coming holidays

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Good books for introduction / setup?

    Welcome CraigR,

    Not sure on books myself but sites like, and are all full of useful information. You would do well to setup a test environment in VM or similar so you can play with it too.

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      Re: Good books for introduction / setup?

      I have to say Mastering Exchange 2007 by Jim McBee et al.

      That is because I wrote three chapters of it.

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        Re: Good books for introduction / setup?

        Thanks for that. I'll get a book on order from Amazon. I'm from a Linux background so exchange is a bit new - although have dabbled with Windows server its far from what i'm used to!

        I'll be back with more questions i'm sure



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          Re: Good books for introduction / setup?

          Not a book and I have yet to watch it but if it is anything like the Exchange 2003 Lab it will be brilliant. They also have a Lab on PowerShell as well that should be quite interesting.
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