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  • Hardware Requirements

    Does anyone have a list of hardware recommendations for Exchange 2007?

    My company is wanting to double the number of users we have for Exchange 2007 (from around 450 up to 1000). The server we have now accommodates the 450 licenses we currently have perfectly fine.
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    Re: Hardware Requirements

    Google is your friend:

    Scroll down to the Hardware area.
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      Re: Hardware Requirements

      The technet article is about the best that we can do based on the information that you have supplied. You could use the server sizing guides that are around which may give you a better idea. Without knowledge of the Exchange environment it is impossible to advise further. User numbers is relative - 1000 users who are split 33/33/34 on three shifts is different to 1000 users working 9-5. 1000 sales people is different to 1000 architects. 1000 people on the road is different to 1000 telesales sat at their desk all day.

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        Re: Hardware Requirements

        I get exactly what you are saying. The 1000 users will be around the clock, with the majority of them working the 8-5 shift.

        I will review this technet document for further research.

        Thanks for all your help.
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