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Unable to sent or receive mail

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  • Unable to sent or receive mail

    Last week I've migrate my SBS2003 environment to a new SBS2008 Server, and everything works fine.

    Now I've removed the One Care trial environment, since I'm unable to sent or receive mail. I'm be able to open the mailboxes, there're no error message when I send a mail to outside or local users, and the local users didn't receive my mail.

    I've totally removed the hub transporter, and set it up again. When I open the Queue manager i can see all the mail.

    Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Is it necessarily to use the edge services?

    I've this also post in the SBS 2008 forum, but this are more a exchange issue

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    Re: Unable to sent or receive mail

    Did you setup a SMTP Send Connector?


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      Re: Unable to sent or receive mail

      Don't double post, the forum rules are quite clear on that.
      A post can be moved if required by a mod.

      How did you migrate to SBS2008, what steps, has this ever worked?
      Have you checked the wizards out and finally, like benblank04 states do you have send and receive connectors setup?
      Edge is not required so no worries on that.

      Please read this before you post:

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        Re: Unable to sent or receive mail

        Its SBS, so the simple answer is have you run the wizards?
        I have now setup three SBS 2008 servers and I have not had to go anywhere near EMC to configure any of them. The wizards do everything.

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          Re: Unable to sent or receive mail

          Sorry for the double posting.

          I have set up the whole environment by means of the wizards. We have used the server a couple of days. The troubles start after removing the One Care environment.

          In the meantime I've changed all the hub transport settings,

          Today I follow the description on this site, to setup again the send and receive connector, but without any result.

          When I look to the mail Queue, then I can see there are mails available.

          Iíve disabled the firewall, but there is something that blocks everything.

          The fix my network wizards displayed no eror.