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  • Outlook 2007 Auto Discover

    Hi All,

    We have recently migrated to Exchange 2007 from 2003 and in that process we decided to get a public SSL from Thwate for mobile device access. We got the cert, installed it and configured the devices with no problem, in fact completely straight forward and no glitches!

    Here is the problem though. We have a mixture of Outlook 2003 and 2007 clients on the LAN and while the 2003 clients work perfectly well, the 2007 clients are not. They continually prompt for your user credentials! When I mean continually its like hundreds of times a day. However if you cancel the request it works fine?

    I know this is to do with the SSL not pointing to the private name anymore and I have read lots about it, even added an entry for the public name on the SSL to point to our internal private IP of the Exchange box. However it still does it!

    We have edited the URIs in line with various tech docs but to no avail??

    What am I doing wrong? I can't believe its supposed to be like this and I must be making some basic error here?

    Please help ?!?!

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    Re: Outlook 2007 Auto Discover

    You should have posted this in the Exchange 2007 forum, as it is an Exchange issue, not Outlook.

    Look at the Autodiscover diagnostics. Check the URLs are correct. However I suspect that one of the virtual directories will have the wrong authentication settings on it. Everytime Outlook tries to connect you will get the prompt. Outlook doesn't maintain a constant connection to Exchange, it is connecting at frequent intervals - hence the numerous prompts.

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      Re: Outlook 2007 Auto Discover

      Moved to the Exchange 2007 Forum


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        Re: Outlook 2007 Auto Discover

        You need a UUC certificate for autodiscover to work and Thwate dont (when I last checked) issue them, I used Digicert for mine. See this exchange blog for more details: