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  • OWA Cert's free one or Purchase


    How can I tell if a company is using a free self cert or a purchased one. Is it also true that with a self cert with exchange 2007 this is only valid for 1 yr and then you have to buy one anyway.


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    Re: OWA Cert's free one or Purchase

    Any self signed one will throw an untrusted error unless you have specifically installed the root certificate. The public certificates are all signed by companies that already have their root certificates installed on your machine (These certs are installed out of the box and also with the root cert updates on Windows Update for example).
    With Exchange you should, really, always buy one if you are publishing externally.

    If you want to check just go to the site and look at the cert. It shows a lot of info.

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      Re: OWA Cert's free one or Purchase

      Self generated certificates are not supported for use with Outlook Anywhere or Windows Mobile ActiveSync. The certificate that is generated by Exchange 2007 is valid for a year, but it is only designed to get you started, until you move to a commercially issued certificate.
      Trying to use a self generated certificate is a false economy as far as I am concerned. The time it takes to train the users, develop procedures etc to deal with the self generated certificate. Then when it expires, you have the same problems all over again.

      You can purchase the required certificate for US$60/year from GoDaddy and I wrote up the procedure on my blog a while ago:

      As for telling, browse to OWA or if you have access to the server look at the certificate through IIS manager. If it is self generated then it will have issued by as the server, or a the company name.

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