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Backing up Exch 2007

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  • Backing up Exch 2007


    We use Backup Exec v12 to backup our Exchange 2007 CCR.

    The job is configured to take the backup from the passive node. But I have a couple of questions. I donít actually take a backup of the Exchange folders on the physical cluster nodes, I just backup Exchange via the cluster resource. Is this correct? Is this actually backing up the transaction logs? I know that the backup flushes the transaction logs so, does it flush them first so the database is up to date and then doesnít back up any transaction logs?

    Because the backup is backing up the passive node, how does this affect the live node? If the logs are flushed on the passive node does it also flush the logs on the active node as part of the job?


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    Re: Backing up Exch 2007

    As long as you are doing an Exchange aware backup agent (ie so Exchange says it is being backed up) then you don't have to worry about anything else. You don't need to backup the raw files or the transaction logs. If you have customised OWA or anything like that then you should store a backup of those files, but a complete Exchange backup is the database.

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