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Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

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  • Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

    I have an SBS 2003 R2 server that houses my exchange system. I recently installed server 2008 standard x64 on another machine and ran all windows updates. I downloaded Exchange 2007 SP1 and installed it on the 08 server. After getting all my prerequisites straight exchange installed and seemed to have no issues at all. It asked for my product key, I entered it, then I rebooted the server.

    I was following a tutorial that told me to move the mailboxes from the exchange 2003 server to the 2007 server. When I tried, it failed. After further investigation I think I have narrowed the problem to an account of some kind that either did not get created in AD or got deleted. Here are some of the error messages I get:

    The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service attempted to start the RPC server but failed because an error occurred when attempting to read the Exchange Servers Universal Security Group SID from the Active Directory. Error message:
    Failed to find Exchange Servers group in Active Directory.

    (when trying to start the System Attendant this happens)

    Microsoft Exchange System Attendant does not have sufficient rights to read Exchange
    configuration objects in Active Directory

    (when I try to run /PrepareAD to possibly fix the problem, this message occurs)

    Organization Preparation ......................... FAILED
    An error occurred. The error code was 3221692829. The message was The reque
    sted object has a non-unique identifier and cannot be retrieved..
    So I'm fairly confident that this is related to a missing account, but I don't know how to fix it. I've also tried /mode:upgrade to try a repair installation, but it does not work. It says "domains must be upgraded with /PrepareAD"

    Then I try to uninstall and it gives me the following:

    Mailbox Role Checks ......................... FAILED
    Uninstall cannot continue. Database 'Public Folder Database': The public fo
    lder database "SBSHOST\Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database" is the defau
    lt public folder database for the following mailbox database(s):
    SBSHOST\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database
    . Before deleting the public folder database, assign a new public folder databas
    e to the mailbox database(s).
    Client Access Role Checks ......................... COMPLETED
    Hub Transport Role Checks ......................... FAILED
    This computer is configured as a bridgehead server for 2 routing group conn
    ector(s) in the organization. These must be moved or deleted before Setup can co
    I'm thinking I need to uninstall and start over, but does anyone have any ideas how to either fix this or make it so I can uninstall?


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    Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

    Not an expert on this but have you checked whether SBS 2003 supports a transition to Exchange 2007 SP1? Also, has SBS got SP2. Apologies if you have already investigated. Sounds as if you have done everything correctly.


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      Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

      Yeah the SBS has SP2 installed. Also from what I've seen this is a supported scenario. Here's a link to a page with a tutorial

      I have been racking my brain and searching the internet all day. I have narrowed it down to something going wrong during the installation of exchange. I am now trying to remove exchange 2007 and start over.

      The problem is that I can't move the public folder replicas to the 2003 exchange server because when I do I get the following error:

      The information store could not be opened.
      The logon to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer failed.
      MAPI 1.0
      ID no: 80040111-0286-00000000

      ID no: c1050000
      Exchange System Manager
      I'm fairly certain this is because I am having troubles with the MSExchangeSA service being able to start on the exchange 2007 server. When I try to start the service I get the following error in the event logs:

      Microsoft Exchange System Attendant does not have sufficient rights to read Exchange configuration objects in Active Directory. Wait for replication to complete and then check to make sure that the computer account is a member of the "Exchange Servers" and "Exchange Install Domain Servers" security groups.
      I found the following article to troubleshoot this at I followed the instructions and I am still having the same problems.

      If I can't move the replicas to the 2003 exchange server then it won't let me remove exchange 2007.

      Can anyone help!?


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        Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

        When you installed 2007, did it say it had found an existing exchange organisation?
        I have seen it fail to, then rebooted the E2k7 Server and re-run setup and it worked fine
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          Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

          Yeah it said that it found my existing exchange organization when I first installed, and said that it would upgrade the active directory and proceeded to install.

          So now I'm to another point in the journey to fix/uninstall exchange 2007. Because I was unable to remove the replicas from the 07 server to the 03 server I used ADSIEdit to remove the entire exchange 07 administrative group. Once I did that I was able to get a little further in the uninstallation.

          My guess at this point is that during the installation it did not upgrade the active directory properly. I figured this by running setup /preparelegacyexchangepermissions and setup /prepareschema. These processed successfully, so I tried to run setup /prepareAD but got an error message. The error message had something to do with being unable to find the reference located under wellknowobjects (not important anymore)

          So then I tried to uninstall using add/remove programs and this time I was able to get a little further with the uninstallation. It seemed to half way remove the roles and then I got an error and uninstallation stopped.

          Now when I try to run setup it says that I need to rup setup /preparead and I also get this error message:

          A Setup failure previously occurred while installing the Mailbox role. Either run Setup again for just this role, or remove the role using Control Panel.

          Anyone have any ideas at this point? I with there was an exchange removal tool just like there's a norton removal tool!


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            Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

            You deleted it using ADSIEdit?
            I would open a case with MS if this is a production network.

            Did you use the x32 exchange to upgrade the schema on the SBS server?
            The article you link is using beta products so may not be accurate, especially with SP1

            there is an article here too:


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              Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

              So i was able to finally remove my failed exchange installation. Here's what I did: (I'll just list the bullet points below)

              Using ADSIedit I deleted the exchange administrative group that was created by exchange 2007

              Deleted the registry folder HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Exchange

              Opened IIS and deleted anything under Default Web Site that dealt with Exchange

              Stopped all Microsoft Exchange Services and set their startup to Manual

              Restarted the system

              Renamed the Exchange folder located at c:\program files\microsoft\exchange to OLD

              Deleted the folder located at c:\exchangesetuplogs

              (one other thing I had to do using ADSIedit was navigate to configuration --> services --> microsoft exchange, open its properties and edit the section that said "otherwellknownobjects" and simply click add then apply and ok to clear out the entry. This was done from a Server 2003 machine NOT server 2008 because it wouldn't allow me to edit it--the entry was preventing me from running my next set of command successfully)

              Removed any services dealing with exchange by using a microsoft program called SC.exe

              Ran the following commands from the command prompt:
              setup /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions
              setup /PrepareSchema
              setup /PrepareAD

              Then I ran the graphic installation of exchange--unfortunately it did not complete successfully but it was able to get me to a point where I could run the uninstallation of Exchange 2007

              I had to remove the routing groups the installation created by using the exchange system manager under windows 2003 server. (very easy, just locate the connectors that has servername1-servername2 and/or servername2-servername1 and delete them)

              Then I was able to run the uninstallation with no errors at all

              Now to be safe I am removing IIS and I will start the installation all over again from scratch.

              Hope this helps others.
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                Re: Exchange 2007 unable to connect to exchange 2003

                You did well to get that far and I guess the theory would state a re-install will set everything else up correctly so I hope it all works well.

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