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Problems setting up Exchange 2007

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  • Problems setting up Exchange 2007

    I am anxious to see if this site can help me. I am new to Exchange 2007 and have configured it one server and am having trouble connecting. I am just trying to connect internally and cannot. I also cannot connect via telnet. I can telnet from the exchange server port 25, but not from the domain controller or any of the other clients.

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    Re: Problems setting up Exchange 2007

    Moved from the Hello, Hi, Welcome, Introduction - Newcomers - post HERE sticky in the Lounge.

    Unimaginative title is mine but if you have a better one then please post it along with lots more info about your setup and what you have done. Ta.
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      Re: Problems setting up Exchange 2007

      itntsolutions you will need to give us much more information. What OS is this installed on 2003 or 2008? Did you install Exchange from the SP1 media? Is there a firewall/av product running on the server? Can you ping the exchange server from clients?

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