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Create multiple domain email address via Email Address Policy

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  • Create multiple domain email address via Email Address Policy

    I have an issue with multiple EAPs using Custom Attributes to stamp mailboxes with an appropriate SMTP address.

    My environment needs to accept email for several domains, and a large number of users need more than one email address. I used Custom Attributes to specify strings for the users (i.e. domain 1, domain 2) but have found it only stamps the mailboxes with the highest one in the order. i.e. Policy 1 has the highest priority and uses Custom Attrib1, Policy 2 has priority 2 and uses Custom Attrib2. If I enter both Custom Attribs only the SMTP address for Policy1 gets stamped on the mailbox.

    I have found through elimination that I need to apply the custom attributes in reverse order and let the lower priority/lower attrib number SMTP address be stamped before applying the next attribute, or I only get the highest priority policy address. This is very time consuming.

    For users with only one Custom Attrib, it works fine, but it need it to give different custom attribute 2 value for different user so I can give different domain email address for different users.

    Also custom attribute 1 should be the primary email.

    Can any one help me out?

    Thank you
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