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    Our company has two domains. Domain1 and Domain2. Exchange 2007 has been installed in Domain1 with no problems mailboxes for all users in Domain1 and can send and receive from Domain1. I would like to create mailboxes for users in Domain2. We already have external two way trust setup for each domain. When I attempt to create a linked mailbox everything seems to work fine untill I try to setup the Master account. The trusted forest shows up and I'm able to select it.
    Now it prompts me for the user account to access the linked domain controller. I have tried several accounts all that should have sufficient access to the DC. When I try to click Browse to locate the linked domain controller I am hit with the error "Domain Domain2 cannot be contacted or does not exists" I can't go any farther. I know it sees the trust because I am able to select the trusted forest in step one. I have validated the trust between our two domains. I am able to ping the remote DC by IP address as well as FQDN so I know name resolution is working properly. We only use the two servers for AD both are 2003 R2 and both are operating at the highest functional level. Any information or things to try would be greatly appreciated.