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E2K3 instead of E2K8 edge transport

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  • E2K3 instead of E2K8 edge transport

    Hi, my situation is the following, I have 2 Windows 2008 STD x64 Servers and 1 Windows Web Server 2008 .

    Right now I have and old Win2k3 with E2K3 that will become an 2K8 terminal server he's the one currently receiving the mail and sending it to E2K7.

    My WWS2008 will be hosting my web site on a dmz, and I figured it would be great to install E2K7 as an edge transport on it since I have 2 Exchange server licenses and it seems to be the way to isolate this server out of my network, the only thing is AD LDS can't be installed on WWS2008 and I don't want my Terminal server to have exchange on it.

    So I was thinking if it was possible to install E2K3 on my WWS2008 and simply opening smtp, it would kind of simulate a Edge Transport right? Or am I really not looking at this properly...?

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    Re: E2K3 instead of E2K8 edge transport

    Don't even bother trying.
    For Exchange 2003 to work it would need to be a member of the domain. That large number of holes required in the firewall makes the firewall pointless. Furthermore the bulk of the "advantages" of Edge is the ability to pull information from the main Exchange server to deal with email - which Exchange 2003 simply cannot do.

    Either deploy Edge, deploy a regular STMP gateway, or don't bother. Exchange 2003 is not a solution, and I would actually say is a backwards step.

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      Re: E2K3 instead of E2K8 edge transport

      I had forgotten about that, I guess I will until next year go with a smtp gateway.

      Thank You !