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  • internal email routing

    My company is migrating from Novell to Windows, we have set up a new active directory with two sites (in two different physical locations) and two exchange 2007 servers in each location. Until now, we have been using Groupwise and while we are migrating both systems have to co-exist, groupwise is receiving emails through an appliance.
    I got both groupwise and exchange to send email internally and externally ok, but I have a problem when I send email from the new exchange server to any user inside the company (using the domain that is shared). I have created a dns zone in the new AD with the same name as the one used by Groupwise and created an A- record for the email server (Novell groupwise) and a mx record pointing directly to it so all the internal e-mail would be resolved by this DNS, but I keep getting a non delivery report when any of the exchange users try to send anything to this shared domain, I guess there is something to do with routes but I am a bit lost, I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks very much in advance

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    Re: internal email routing


    Not sure this is what you need to do, but this is what I've just done.

    We have a legacy unix based system and I'm trialling Exchange 2007. Both exist with the same domain name lets call it

    [email protected] is on the old box and [email protected] is on the new exchange box.

    If usera sends a mail to userb it fails as they don't exist in Active Directory and therefore Exchange, so Exchange thinks the user doesn't exist and bounces it.

    To get around this, I needed to change the relay type on the accepted domains tab for our domain to internal relay and also set up a smart host under the send connectors tab to relay all other mail.

    I hope this is of some help.



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      Re: internal email routing

      Not ever worked with Groupwise, but here is what I did when we were running Exchange and Office Logic side by side while we migrated:

      I set up the Exchange server as the SMTP server and then had them POPping the old OL server for internal mail. But when the users still on the old system (Office Logic = OL) would send emails to other users using OL, it would stay internal, therefore never go through Exchange. So, that's why I had to set them up with Exchange, then have them POP the old server for those internal emails that they couldn't get.

      Hope this helps you.