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Two Site Single AD Domain Setup

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  • Two Site Single AD Domain Setup


    We've been asked to setup Exchange 2007 in the following environment :-

    There are 2 physical Sites - HO (Head Office) & R1 (Remote 1) (possibly more remote offices in the future).

    There is a Windows 2003 Server in each office. The 2003 Server in the HO is the "PDC" and the 2003 server at R1 is a Member server of the same AD Domain ("BDC" sort of thing). The 2 sites are linked via a 2Mb VPN.

    There are 2 internet domain names / mail domains.

    HO answers to mails addressed to [email protected]
    R1 answers to mails addressed to [email protected]

    There is no requirement for users at HO to have mail addresses from R1 and vice versa, in fact it is preferrable for users at HO to NOT have a corresponding address at R1 and vice versa.

    Laptop users that travel between the sites must be able to log in to the network at either end (should not be a problem if they are the same AD Domain) but must still be able to collect their respective mails.

    What is the best way to accomplish this ?

    Have one Exchange server at each end configured to their respective internet mail domains or is there a way to make say the Exchange server at the HO accept mails for both domains and then forward on the correct mails to another exchange server at R1 ?

    The mail servers must be able to send / receive e-mails to and from the internet even if the VPN link goes down.

    Hope this makes sense.


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    Re: Two Site Single AD Domain Setup

    As long as the sites can see each other all the time (VPN etc) then you could just run multiple Exchange servers. If everything is in the same Forest then you can only have one Exchange org.

    The actual design of the Exchange environment though is beyond the scope of a forum like this (to give you an idea I would probably take two to three days on the design alone - and with all due respect I am not going to give you something I would bill in excess of UKú1000 for free. ). Due to Exchange now using AD for its routing you have to look at the AD design as well as just the Exchange setup. Then you need to look at email management, where it comes in to the site, email address policies etc.

    It can all be done, but it does require some configuration which is where a good quality consultant would come in to make sure that it is done correctly. Do it right to begin with and adding additional servers becomes very straight forward.

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      Re: Two Site Single AD Domain Setup

      I completely agree with Sembee. From what you have written however I would suggest getting at least a second DC in the main site and 2 DCs in the second site (this is required). You can setup different groups so they have specific email addresses assigned (LINK) so that shouldn't be a problem.

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