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Domain rename in exchange 2007

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  • Domain rename in exchange 2007

    Dear all,

    I have an environment of windows server 2003 dc and exchange 2007. Now I want to rename domain name for to I read few articals those say that exchange 2007 does not support domain renaming, with rendom.exe we can rename but their is not assurity. So if any one have satisfying answer plese support me asap.

    thanks & regards,


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    Re: Domain rename in exchange 2007

    It can be done but basically don't is what it seems to say.
    Is it really important to change the internal name or do you in reality just want to add an additional email address for example?

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      Re: Domain rename in exchange 2007

      The simple answer to your question about renaming the domain is summed up in one word.


      While it is possible in theory the general consensus in the Exchange community is that it is a bad idea and will only lead to failure.
      If you insist on doing it then speak to Microsoft first, ensure that they will support it, have a credit card to hand and ensure that your disaster recovery procedures are up to date. I am pretty sure it will fail.

      Or let me put it another way - I actually refuse to do it and will walk away from a client who asks me to.

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