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Autodiscover on IIS7 possible?

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  • Autodiscover on IIS7 possible?

    Hi all,

    I've recently published OWA/active sync/rpc . . . and all has worked fine thanks to the brilliant info on this site.

    I tried following the guide "Publishing Exchange 2007 Outlook Autodiscover with 2006 ISA” and seem to have run into authentication troubles.

    Windows 2008 uses IIS7 so I needed to purchase an SSL (https:// as you do not get the option to "Store certificate in local computer certificate store” when requesting a web server certificate. That and the fact I'm using LDAP authentication on the web listener is the only difference on my system to the manual.

    Basically when attempting to use the auto account setup in outlook 2007 it promtps me to "allow this website to configure [email protected] server settings?”, I click allow and then after time it fails.

    In the ISA2006 logging the status does says Status: 12239 The server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web server is denied. Contact the server administrator.

    BUT the strange thing is, if I manually type in all the outlook anywhere details in outlook2007 it connects fine??? Ie connects via https perfectly.

    Please check here for screen shots of interest.

    I think the issue could be related to the virtual directory "AutoDiscover" not using the certificate, it is using the certificate.

    I thought the issue could be certificate related but i'm not sure now as:
    Externally resolves to odiscover.xml&reason=0&formdir=3
    which is an ISA2006 logon page (similar to OWA)

    On this page the certificate does show as

    After logging on I receive the error below
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <Autodiscover xmlns="">
    - <Response>
    - <Error Time="14:36:22.9459365" Id="2884917732">
    <Message>Invalid Request</Message>
    <DebugData />

    I'm extremley close to giving up now, can anyone help?



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    Re: Autodiscover on IIS7 possible?

    does anyone have any input?


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      Re: Autodiscover on IIS7 possible?

      I had the same problem. MS answer was to reinstall CAS. I did that and it worked for me. The problem is that the rights are f***** up in IIS. If you reinstall CAS and purchase an MS approved certificate from for instance your problem most likely is solved.

      This one had me up for a spin but now it works likes it have never done before