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NLB on CAS not working

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  • NLB on CAS not working

    We have set up Network Load Balancing (NLB) on two Hub Transport/Client Access servers.

    When we go directly to either of the nodes, we can access OWA just fine.

    However, when we try to go to the new NLB cluster, by name or IP address, we get this:

    The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.

    The NLB cluster name and IP are in DNS; nslookup works fine and we can ping it by name and IP address.

    What am I missing?

    We have followed several articles to the letter. They all have the same information and do not indicate the need for any additional configuration once the cluster is set up. Is there any configuration needed in IIS for this?

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    Re: NLB on CAS not working

    Can you tell us which articles, what ports have you setup for NLB, what version of Exchange, rollups, what OS and sp, etc

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      Re: NLB on CAS not working

      1) These articles, among others, give step by step instructions on setting it up:

      2) For the initial tests, we have left all ports open with the default rule

      3) Exchange Server 2007 SP1 with the latest rollups

      4) Windows Server 2008 with all the latest updates


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        Re: NLB on CAS not working

        Well, we got the NLB to work by connecting the second onboard NICs and setting it up as unicast.
        That's fine, but there is one configuration issue that doesn't match the instructions.

        The network settings for the NICs to be used for the NLB are supposed to be configured with IP address and subnet mask only, no gateway. However, we could not get it to work until we configured a gateway IP address on those NICs.