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Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server

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  • Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server

    I am facing a problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server.
    Both Hub Transport server and Edge server are installed on Windows 2008 but my Active Directory is based on Windows 2003. My Edge Transport server is placed in DMZ, and following are the configurations I have made on Edge Server,

    Network setting on Edge Server:
    IP Address: – DMZ IP address
    Default Gateway: – External Firewall
    DNS: Public DNS address going to Internet
    Edge Server name: BC-Edge01
    Edge Server FQDN:

    I have made DNS entry of Edge Server in my Local DNS; I have also created host record of Hub Transport server in HOSTS file at Edge server. Port 25, 50636 and 50389 are open both inbound and outbound between Edge Transport Server in DMZ and Hub Transport server in Local network.

    Hub Transport server can Telnet Edge server on port 25, 50636 and 50389 and Edge server can Telnet Hub Transport server on port 25.

    Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync service is running on Hub Transport server, and Microsoft Exchange Credential and Microsoft Exchange ADAM services are running on Edge server.

    Now, I have created Edge Subscription file on Edge, then I have imported Subscription file Hub Transport server, I couldn’t find any connector on Edge well as on Hub.

    When I got to Application event Log at Hub Transport server, I can find an Error.

    No credential was found for
    Source: MSExchange EdgeSync
    Event ID: 1032
    Level: Error

    This is the entire scenario, now can you suggest my anything for getting out of this situation.

    Syed Wasay

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    Re: Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server


    Onceagain do edge subscription process again on both edge and hub transport server.

    and run START-Edgesynchronization on HubTransport Server and check the status


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      Re: Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server


      Thanks for replying,
      I have run Start-Edgesynchronization command on Hub Transport Server,
      After running this, Connectors are created in Hub Transport server, nothing is createdin Edge and still I can find 3 events in the event Log.

      Information | 1040 MSExchange EdgeSync : Synchronization started now
      Information | 1041 MSExchange EdgeSync : Completed synchronization now
      Error | 1032 MSExchange EdgeSync : No credentials was found for

      And following is the result of Test-Edgesynchronization command

      Name : BC-EDGE01
      LeaseHolder :
      LeaseType : 0
      ConnectionResult : Failed
      FailureDetail : No EdgeSync credentials were found for Edge transport server on the local Hub Transport server. Remove the Edge subscription and re-subscribe the Edge Transport server.

      LeaseExpiry : 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
      LastSynchronized : 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
      CredentialStatus : Skipped
      TransportServerStatus : Skipped
      TransportConfigStatus : Skipped
      AcceptedDomainStatus : Skipped
      SendConnectorStatus : Skipped
      MessageClassificationStatus : Skipped
      RecipientStatus : Skipped
      CredentialRecords : Number of credentials 0

      Now any idea in this situation..

      Syed Wasay


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        Re: Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server

        Dear Wasay My Friend!

        This error come only when you have configured certificate improperly, check your exchange self signed certificates the one the one you want to use do the following:

        Verify that Hub is able to communicate with Edge on port 50636.

        Run “Get-ExchangeCertificate” cmdlet on Hub and see if there are any

        If there are no certificates found,then regenerated Exchange self signed certificate.

        In the Exchange Management Shell, run the “New-ExchangeCertificate”

        It throws a warning and creates a new Exchange Server Certificate.

        Restart the Transport Service on the Hub.

        Verify that the thumbprint of the new certificate now matches with the
        version stored in AD .

        Remove the present Edge Subscription from the Hub and restart Transport Service.

        Run “Remove-EdgeSubscription” on the Edge and restart Transport Service.

        Create a new Edge Subscription on the Edge using “New EdgeSubscription” cmdlet and import the xml file to Hub.

        Re-subscribe the Edge using the new Subscription file.

        Initiate synchronization using “Start-EdgeSynchronization” CMDlet

        This will fix your subscription problem but again you have to do a bit more steps to run the actual certificate which you want to use it. again its simple, Do Reply me if its working.


        Abid Qaimkhani


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          Re: Problem in configuring Edge Subscription on Hub Transport server

          Thanks Abid,

          Actiually Self signed certificate was not removed,
          I have configured a SAN certificate using Windows CA, when I removed SAN certificate, Edge subscription succeeded.

          Thanks again