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Communication issues between servers

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  • Communication issues between servers

    We have set up a new Exchange organization in an existing forest
    The Exchange Server 2007 servers are running on Windows Server 2008
    There are two servers installed with the Hub Transport and Client Access roles, lets call them hc1 and hc2
    There is a CCR Clustered Mailbox Server, lets call the virtual Exchange server ex1
    Everything appears to be working just fine, the two hubs are being load balanced and mail is flowing as it should.

    When I run the Best Practice Analyzer from hc1, it gathers information from itself and ex1 but gets an error saying it cannot contact hc2

    HOWEVER, when I run the Best Practice Analyzer from hc2, it gathers information from ALL THREE SERVERS just fine.

    Any ideas about this?

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    Re: Communication issues between servers

    HT roles load balance automatically so you don't need to do anything. (as in DON'T do it!)
    You can load balance the CAS role if you wish.
    Do you have firewalls enabled, can you resolve the other server and connect. I assume this is IPv4 so also try disabling large send offload.

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