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To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

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  • To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

    We're seriously looking at moving to Ex2007 in the next 6-12 months.

    We currently run Ex2003 in a two node cluster. Ex2007 SP1 offers SCR which is a very tempting feature, as well as other things making the move look more worthwhile.

    The dillema we're in is that we've already dropped a lot of money on our setup and in making the move to Ex2007 we want to spend as little as possible.

    We're debating whether or not we would need to install an Edge-Transport server. We know we don't need to in order to get Ex2007 up and running, but I'm still not 100% straight on what the ET server would do for us, other than spam and virus filterning.

    As we sit now all our mail is filtered through a third party that does a very good job. The mail is then sent to our network. Our firewall only permits SMTP connections initiating from their systems. With this third party in place, and the firewall rules, do you see any reason why we would need to add yet another step in our email system? Would we still be overexposing our internal email server?

    Any advice/guidance is appreciated.

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    Re: To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

    The edge transport can only be installed in a stand alone server outside of the domain on the perimeter and would require another license. In your case if you already have mail scanning/filtering software there wont be much benefits by adding and additional SMTP gateway to your enviroment.In other words if your on a shoestring budget and already have a capable SMTP gateway theres no justification for the cost of the Edge transport role on another server.


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      Re: To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

      I struggle to justify an Edge server in any environment. I simply don't see the point. If Edge also provided OWA access, then it would become useful, but for SMTP only, it is a very expensive solution. I can do most of what Edge does with third party software.

      In your scenario, with email coming in from a known source, Edge is a luxury you can do without.

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        Re: To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

        That's what I thought. Wasn't sure if there was another benefit to the ET server other than being a separate platform for spam/virus filtering.

        i.e. directing SMTP to a server not holding the databases.
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          Re: To Edge-Transport or not to Edge Transport

          Thanks for the info guys. That's all the reassurance I needed that not going with an ET server wouldn't be a huge mistake. Not that we can't afford it, just that we would rather not have to justify yet another server or two just for email.

          Thanks again!
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