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one user multiple from addresses/domains?

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  • one user multiple from addresses/domains?

    I am trying to set it up so that a user can have one account/mailbox, but can send email as multiple addresses preferably by just hitting a drop down. I never got this to work in 2k3 and now am running 2k7. I have looked on google and didnt find any easy answers.

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    Re: one user multiple from addresses/domains?

    There is no easy answer because Exchange is not designed to work in this way.
    Exchange is designed that all users have one default email address for all outbound email. Any additional email addresses on the account are just aliases and used for incoming email.

    The closest you can get is to use multiple accounts and the From field.

    Another option that people have said, but I personally don't use is to use POP3 accounts configured in Outlook and send the email via Exchange as an SMTP server.

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