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Exchange 2007 - Save incoming emails to non-existing adresses?

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  • Exchange 2007 - Save incoming emails to non-existing adresses?


    I've set up an Exchange 2007 server in a organization that has previously used the ISP:s mail-service as their email solution. I was given a photo-copy of the existing email-adresses and set them up manually in the new AD.
    (The old server was running Server 2000 and the AD was full of old users who no longer work for the company, so instead of migrating we just created a new 2008 server).

    I know i am to blame for this but it feels better to blame everyone else for disturbing me with "ooh you have to fix this RIGHT NOW" when i was setting up the accounts and emails.

    Basically i put an "-" in one of the adresses, making namename.lastname into name-name.lastname instead, thus making the VP:s emails disappearing into cyberspace.

    Now to make sure this doesn't happen anymore, is there anyway to have emails that come to an adress that doesn't exist, get saved or sent to a "catch-all"-address, just for a week or so until i know everything is up and running as it should?

    The exchange 2007 server is the only exchange in the domain so it's running hub, client and mailbox roles.

    (also, are emails stored in logfiles anywhere?)

    ** edit
    Found out about "journaling". Seems pretty much what i want, except that emails to non-existing users just replies with a message, not displaying the original mail. The original mail is however shown at the senders-side, atleast when using OWA which is all i have to use right now.

    I _really_ need the content of emails sent to the server the last week, is there any hope at all for me when they've all been rejected?
    i want to undo my mistake, even if it takes me the whole weekend. The VP had three ferry-tickets ordered online and the confirmation emails vanished because of ME... Maybe i can search for all rejected emails and reply personally to the senders, asking them to resend?
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    Re: Exchange 2007 - Save incoming emails to non-existing adresses?

    Check-out the following URL, you may get some clue on hoe to use a transport agent.

    I don't think you can get the log or emails that are rejected until unless you had some logging options...

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      Re: Exchange 2007 - Save incoming emails to non-existing adresses?

      Thank you for your answer.

      I guess what i was looking for was a badmail function like in 2003. But as that faq said, "BadMail is always discarded by Exchange 2007 transport. There's no way to optionally retain it to disk (via reg key setting, etc) like there was in Exchange 2003".

      I'm collecting all mails to a catch-all now but so far there hasn't been any to non-existing users.

      oh well..


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        Re: Exchange 2007 - Save incoming emails to non-existing adresses?

        Messages sent to invalid users will be unrecoverable. Exchange will simply discard them. The badmail functionality was dropped from Exchange 2003 SP1 and I believe was removed completely from Exchange 2007.

        The journaling that you are seeing is just showing the NDR that the server has generated. It isn't actually picking up the original message as it hasn't passed through the server correctly. It has hit the first point of the transport and been rejected. Those messages will not be in any logs either.

        There is no catch all functionality in Exchange 2007 as it is nothing but a spam trap.

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