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Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

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  • Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

    We have an Exchange 2003 server and recently installed an Exchange 2007 server. We are in the process of migrating everything over. I created a Send connector and disabled it with the intention of enabling it once our firewall rules, etc. are configured to route mail to the new server.
    The problem is that all e-mails from both servers are routing through 2007. This works for most recipients, but not the ones that do a reverse DNS check. We have a Sprint managed network, so I can't just make the changes to the firewall myself. I've already submitted the change request, but it usually takes a week or more for them to complete it. In the meantime, my queues on 2007 are filling up with undeliverable mail.
    So, my question is, how do I tell both 2003 and 2007 to send mail through the 2003 server?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

    What's your connecter configuration? What are the roles installed on Exchnage 2007 box?

    Please try to provide more information on connector configuration.

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      Re: Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

      Send Connector
      Type: SMTP
      Address: *
      Use DNS "MX" records to route mail automatically

      There's also the two way connector between 2003 and 2007.

      Server Roles
      Hub Transport
      Client Access

      I did try removing the Send Connector that I created, but this just prevented any outbound mail traffic, so I had to recreate it. The SMTP virtual server is still installed on 2003, but doesn't appear to be doing anything.


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        Re: Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

        While you have Exchange 2003 you should have an SMTP Connector that is created on the Exchange 2003 server in ESM. Therefore I would suggest you start there. You can then set which server the email routes through. The SMTP Connector will appear as a Send Connector in Exchange 2007 but you cannot modify it through EMC.

        When you have completed the migration, remove the SMTP Connector and replace it with a Send Connector. Check the FQDN on the Send Connector matches your reverse DNS record on the IP address.

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          Re: Exchange Migration - Reverse DNS Failure

          That worked. Thanks, Sembee.